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wizard101 "May Cast" pet talents

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The "May Cast" pet talents are some of the most wanted, and for good reason. They can be incredibly useful, but what pets have them? That's what this guide is for!

All blades trigger after attacks, all traps and Weakness trigger after single-target attacks, Spritely triggers after attacks or heals, Cloud o'Bugs triggers after traps, Pierce Train triggers after shields, and Drop It triggers after blades.

Fire Talents

May cast Fireblade
Found on: Helephant, Pioneer Dragon, Magma Colossus, Defender Pig, Phoenix

May cast Fire Trap
Found on: Fire Serpent, Phoenix

Fire Shield
May cast Fire Shield
Found on: Fire Serpent, Inferno Salamander, Phoenix

Ice Talents

May cast Iceblade
Found on: Starfish, Ice Wyvern

May cast Icetrap
Found on: Starfish, Ice Wyvern

Snow Shield
May cast Snow Shield
Found on: Colossus, Ice Wyvern

Snow 'n Tell
May cast Snow Serpent
Found on: Unknown origins

Beetle Time
May cast Frost Beetle
Found on: Icezilla
Extinct pet and talent

May cast Taunt
Found on: Pet Rock

Tower Shield
May cast Tower Shield
Found on: Vigilant Dragon

Storm Talents

May cast Stormblade
Found on: Storm Hound, Storm Beetle, Spinyfish, Kraken

May cast Storm Trap
Found on: Stormzilla, Spinyfish, Kraken

Storm Shield
May cast Storm Shield
Found on: Storm Serpent, Storm Cat, Storm Salamander, Kraken

Drop It!
May Cast Disarm
Found on: Evil Sandman, Patriotic Leprechaun

Life Talents

May cast Lifeblade
Found on: Sea Turtle, Pixie Queen (57), Forest Lord, Patriotic Leprechaun

Life Trap
May cast Life Trap
Found on: Earthwalker (After talents changed), Seraph, Forest Lord, Patriotic Leprechaun

May cast (enhanced) Sprite
Found on: Satyr, Cupig, Starfish, Spinyfish, Sea Dragon, Fierce Hound, Jellyfish, Sea Turtle, Snake in a Basket, Spirit of Nature, Phoenix, Ice Wyvern, Kraken, Forest Lord, Scarecrow, Humongofrog, Judgement, Evil Sandman, Patriotic Leprechaun

Life Shield
May cast Life Shield
Found on: Life Minotaur, Greater Imp, Life Bat, Forest Lord

Death Talents

May cast Deathblade
Found on: Wraith, Fierce Hound, Jellyfish, Scarecrow, Skeletal Warrior

May cast Death Trap
Found on: Fierce Hound, Skeletal Warrior

Death Shield
May cast Death Shield
Found on: Dire Ghoul, Fierce Hound, Scarecrow

May cast Dark Sprite
Found on: Skeletal Warrior
Extinct talent

May cast Curse
Found on: Assailing Dragon

Myth Talents

May cast Mythblade
Found on: Minotaur, Myth Imp, Spiritual Dragon, Humongofrog

May cast Myth Trap
Found on: Orthrus, Minotaur, Jade Oni (before talents changed)

Myth Shield
May cast Myth Shield
Found on: Mustard Troll, Myth Imp, White Rat Magician

May cast Bloodbat
Found on: Orthrus, Jade Oni (before talents changed), Earthwalker (before talents changed)
Extinct talent

Pierce Train
May cast Pierce
Found on: Sea Dragon, Spirit of Nature

Balance Talents

Power Up
May cast Power Play
Found on: Given by KI as a replacement for Mythtrap on Jade Oni

Cloud o' Bugs
May cast (enhanced) Locust Swarm
Found on: Given by KI mistakenly and spread through hatching

May cast Balanceblade
Found on: Given by KI, similar to how the above two were given

May cast Hex
Found on: Jade Oni

May cast Weakness
Found on: Judgement, Snake in a Basket

guide by wizard101central

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