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elsword Rena guide

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Rena is an elf who lives in the mortal world. her Place in this world is threatened by the weakening of El, shards power that drive everything, including the connection to her home world. If this power decreases the links between the two plans will disappear Rena. She uses her skills as a Ranger to protect El and her friends.

Rena is a archer with ranged weapons, but may call magic attacks as well. When a corner, she hitting the enemies of his powerful kicks. she also has the ability to fly through the air apparently his double jump.


elsword Rena job tree

elsword Rena guideelsword Rena


  • High physical and magic attack damage

  • Fast combat combos

  • Can keep opponents in the air leaving them defenseless

  • Powerful X attacks

  • Double Jump


  • Low defense

elsword Rena basic combo guide

Using Z ButtonUsing X Button
Generalelsword Rena basic combo
elsword Rena basic combo guide
elsword Rena combo

elsword Rena combo guide


Dash Jump

elsword Rena Change Quests guide

Tip:after you complete the quest, you can open the quest window and immediately submit the completed Quest without back to npc who give you quest.

  1. Go to Luichel at the left side of Elder Village.

  2. Chat with Luichel or check the message board. Click on the quest button and select the Ranger Quest.

  3. Once you accept the Ranger Quest, you will be given the following quests:

    • [Ranger 1/4] Defeat William Phoru in the Suburbs of Wally's Castle Twice

      • Go to the Suburbs of Wally and defeat William the Phoru in 'Any Difficulty' twice.

    • [Ranger 2/4] Collect 10 Bat Wings and 10 Micky's Tail

      • Chat with Luichel to start this quest.

      • You can loot Bat Wings from Bat species in Banthus Cave (Any Difficulty).

      • You can loot Micky's Tail from Micky in Underground Waterway (Any Difficulty).

    • [Ranger 3/4] Talk to the great merchant of Elder Village,Hoffman.

      • Accept the quest from Luichel.

      • Chat with Hoffman to complete the quest.

    • [Ranger 4/4] Kill 15 Wisps in Shadow Forest (Any Difficulty)

      • Chat with Hoffman to start the quest.

      • Enter Shadow Forest (Any Difficulty) and kill 15 wisps.

Rena Job Change Quests
After completing the pre-job change quests, you can choose to become either a Sniping Ranger or a Combat Ranger.

elsword Rena guide by elswordonline

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