tzubangun Pockie Ninja 2 Social How to get gold ninja Wednesday, 11 July 2012 gold ninja is strongest  ninja in pockie ninja 2 social. but not easy to get them. here some guide how to get ninja. Ninja School Recruit Yo... 5

Pockie Ninja 2 Social How to get gold ninja

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gold ninja is strongest  ninja in pockie ninja 2 social. but not easy to get them. here some guide how to get ninja.

Ninja School Recruit

You can recruit blue,purple,red ninjas, high level ninja school have better chance to get red ninjas, and higher level ninja school have shorter cooldown.


Play and Win

You firs purchase of gold will give grant you a red ninja for free.


Buy Now 

you can find blue, purple ninja in the mall, ninja pack sold in mall may contain red or gold ninja .


Ninja Saga

Complete the Land of waves to unlock the ninja saga, letting you challange and recruit more powerfull ninja, comple challange of a whole class to get a gold ninja for free.


Synthesize Ninja

Synthesize Ninja to get a chance win gold ninja



after win Legion you will get legion reward and you can get red or gold ninjas,  high level Legion lhave better chance to get red ninjas or gold ninja



every 10 floor you have a chance to get red or gold ninja, higher floor have better chance to get better ninja.

Pockie Ninja 2 Social Ninja List


Young NarutoBlueTaijutsuInuzuka KibaBlueTaijutsuYamanaka InoBlueNinjutsu
Genin SakuraBlueTaijutsuDaruiBlueTaijutsuKarinBlueNinjutsu
Rock LeeBlueTaijutsuJugoBlueTaijutsuTayuyaBlueNinjutsu
Akimichi ChojiBlueTaijutsuSuigetsuBlueTaijutsuUchiha ObitoBlueNinjutsu
Sakon UkonBlueNinja ToolKidōmaruBlueNinja ToolRinBlueNinjutsu


JirōbōBlueTaijutsuKin TsuchiBlueNinja ToolHirukoBlueNinjutsu
Dosu KinutaBlueTaijutsuIbikiBlueNinja ToolGenin SasukeBlueNinjutsu
KonohamaruBlueNinja ToolGekkou HayateBlueNinja ToolZaku AbumiBlueNinjutsu
Yugito NiiBlueNinja ToolHagane KotetsuBlueNinja ToolShikaku NaraBlueNinjutsu
IrukaBlueNinja ToolKamizuki IzumoBlueNinja ToolYamanaka InoichiBlueNinjutsu


Asuma SarutobiPurpleTaijutsuMomochi ZabuzaPurpleTaijutsuHyuga HinataPurpleTaijutsu
HidanPurpleTaijutsuKisame HoshigakiPurpleTaijutsuEbisuPurpleNinja Tool
GuyPurpleTaijutsuKimimaroPurpleTaijutsuNara ShikamaruPurpleNinja Tool
Uzumaki NarutoPurpleTaijutsuHyuga NejiPurpleTaijutsuKankuroPurpleNinja Tool
ChūninSakuraPurpleTaijutsuKoyukiPurpleNinja ToolChūnin KabutoPurpleNinjutsu


TemariPurpleNinja ToolHakuPurpleNinja ToolShizunePurpleNinjutsu
SaiPurpleNinja ToolCursed SasukePurpleNinjutsuDeva Path of PainPurpleNinjutsu
TentenPurpleNinja ToolDanzoPurpleNinjutsuKurenaiPurpleNinjutsu
Aburame ShinoPurpleNinja ToolTerumi MeiPurpleNinjutsu2ndHokagePurpleNinjutsu
Mitarashi AnkoPurpleNinja ToolYamatoPurpleNinjutsuKakuzuPurpleNinjutsu


TsunadeRedTaijutsuUchiha ItachiRedTaijutsu
ChiyoRedNinja ToolHatake KakashiRedTaijutsu
Sasori of the Red SandRedNinja ToolNagatoRedTaijutsu
ZetsuRedNinja ToolOrochimaruRedTaijutsu


4thRaikageRedTaijutsuKonanRedNinja Tool
4th HokageRedTaijutsuDeidaraRedNinja Tool
3rd HokageRedTaijutsu3rdTsuchikageRedNinja Tool
Killer BRedTaijutsuSasukeRedNinjutsu


Sage NarutoGoldTaijutsuOrochi Kabuto GoldNinjutsu
1st HokageGoldTaijutsuUchiha MadaraGoldNinjutsu
Kazekage GaaraGoldNinja ToolUzumaki Kushina GoldNinja Tool


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